About Us

Welcome to quality products delivered with extra care.

A third-generation family-owned business, Interstate Mat Corp. has succeeded over four decades by providing a quality product at a good price with caring, friendly service. Interstate takes an extra step in the manufacturing process to ensure mats that lay flat and don’t wear out. Each mat is inspected twice to ensure they meet the company’s rigorous standards. Over the years, customers have become friends and when it comes to service, there’s no request too difficult. That includes coming in on Saturdays for special pickups.


A family legacy

Victor Cucinotta Sr. launched Interstate Mat Corp. in 1974 to provide a long-lasting business for his family. Victor Jr. joined him six months later, then took over as owner in 1980. His son Brian became owner in 2005, and his sons Billy and Michael are involved as well. Victor Jr., who loves his job and still provides guidance as a consultant, says they’ve been successful because of the caring, long-time employees they’ve gathered around them.

“Everyone understands the family business mindset that the customer is the focus.”

The fourth generation, Victor Jr.’s four grandsons ages 4-9, are already learning the business on Saturdays, ready to take over when the time comes.